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12 Tips to Make Your Cabin Decor More Hygge

12 Tips to Make Your Cabin Decor More Hygge

Whether you are trying to cozy things up for the cold-weather months or you just enjoy the simple, earthy feel of cabin life, the right decor can make all of the difference. Regardless if you live in the woods full-time, have a cabin that you vacation in, or live full-time in a fast-paced urban environment, your environment should always reflect your interests and affinities. You don't need to go all in with a crackling fireplace and actual log walls to get that hygge feeling that cabin decor can deliver.

That said, we have assembled 12 tips to make your cabin decor more hygge.

1. Rustic Dinnerware

Whether you are sipping tea from an enamel mug or putting out cookies on a melamine plate, some well-designed rustic dinnerware can make curling up on the couch feel more like gathering around a campfire.

2. Wildlife Rugs

Fur rugs are the ideal option for a hygge-inspired home, but they can be incredibly costly and some folks may not like the idea of having actual animal hide in their homes. Wildlife rugs are a great option. If you have wood floors, a high-quality rug can really take the room decor to a whole new level of cozy.

3. Rustic Wall Hangings

If you have the space, try dedicating one wall to rustic wall hangings. This can include a variety of items from barnwood-framed mirrors, to punched tin sculptures, to tapestries depicting nature or wildlife.

4. Comfy Rustic Blankets

Hygge is all about comfort. The more comfy rustic blankets, the better! Get a few for the couch. One for every chair. Keep some spares in a small trunk for movie nights when you really want to settle in.

5. Fluffy Rustic Pillows

Nothing goes better with blankets than pillows, right?! Keep them everywhere. They are ideal for the corners of the couch or if you just want to take mid-afternoon snooze. Naps are so hygge.

6. Rustic Sconces

The right lighting is essential. There are a million different lamps out there, but rustic sconces bring classic elements, such as burnished bronze, laced paper shades, and more. When used in combination with some other elements on this list, your abode can really feel like a getaway.

7. Logs, Logs, and More Logs

Natural elements are really at the heart of cabin design. Log furniture is a fantastic way to keep it hygge. You can go with classics like log beds and log dining room tables, or get creative!

8. Rustic Pottery and Vases

Keeping with the earthy, natural feel, rustic pottery and vases are a fantastic way to adorn any room. Try earthenware bowls filled with balls of yarn or wideneck vases filled with wildflowers.

9. All About Antlers

If you really want to bring the outdoors in and keep the cozy natural vibe going, antler decor is a very under-appreciated design angle. In reality, you can incorporate antlers into a number of different pieces, from centerpieces, to mirror frames, to—if you really want to go all in on a lodge vibe—antler chandeliers.

10. Rustic Metal Signs

Much ornate work done in simpler times was forged in blacksmith shops. For that reason, rustic metal signs crafted from tin, iron, and copper have become staples of cabin decor.

11. Rustic Clocks

How many times, in an average day, do you look at the clock? If you are like most, the answer is, "easily dozens." For that reason rustic clocks are a timeless—pun totally intended—way to bring the feeling of hygge into your day, all day... and night!


If there is one thing that makes a space hygge faster than anything else, it's candles! Ideally, you want to have a handful of them lit and placed around the room. You can take it one step further with some rustic candle holders, too!

In Conclusion

Some soft blankets, some glowing candles, and natural materials are a great way to get your space cozier. Your home is your refuge, and you should always do your best to make it as comfortable as possible. Hopefully, with the tips listed here, you can get started right away!

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