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Keep It Cozy in Winter with Ski Lodge Décor

When it comes to simple home design, there are few better styles than rustic, which features the use of simple, warm color palettes and natural elements in wood, stone, and plant-based textiles to mirror the beauty of the natural world. That said, you might yearn for something with a little more excitement and personality, especially in the midst of the gloomy, gray winter months.

If this is the case, you can add some oomph to your rustic décor with an update to styling preferred in traditional ski lodges across the globe. Ski lodge decor is an offshoot of the rustic style adds a dollop of color, pattern, and personality that lends an inviting, cozy ambience to your home. When done right, you'll definitely want to cuddle up by the fire all winter long.

Color, Pattern, and Texture

Whereas you might stick to warm, neutral tones and minimal décor with a rustic theme, you can broaden your reach a bit when you opt for a ski lodge design style. One of the classic hallmarks of this style is the use of checkered patterns, like the red and black plaid many hunters prefer, or pretty much any plaid you find appealing. Patchwork quilts also lend themselves to this traditional, cozy style.

While you don't want to go overboard with color or pattern, you can also add a lot of visual interest through layers of texture. Throws in chunky knits, woven worsted wool, fluffy shearling or Sherpa, chenille, and more will not only add to the comfy, cozy vibe, but provide visual (and tactile) texture that helps to create ski lodge appeal.

Alpine Décor

Highlighting the natural world is about more than wood-paneled walls, stone fireplaces, and leather furniture (although these elements are, of course, apropos). When you're going for a ski lodge aesthetic, you should also consider adding elements that hearken to Alpine sensibilities. This could mean elements that feature animals, such as bedding, lighting, hardware, or art sporting deer, moose, or bear motifs, for example.

You can also throw in pieces particular to the ski lifestyle. Consider decorating with old wooden skis or snowshoes on the wall, or a kitschy toboggan coffee table or sled bench. If you can't find one that suits your needs, simply get crafty and make your own with a vintage sled and some hairpin legs.

Highlight the View

An essential component of any rustic design, including the ski lodge style, is the actual, natural world. This means highlighting the view. If you have no good natural vista or you live in a populated area and there's no room to plant pines outside your windows, at least let in a lot of natural light with sheer panels to hide the view of the neighbors.

In Conclusion

The ski lodge doesn't have to be the place you go to once or twice a year. With the right elements, your ski lodge style will stay cozy and inviting year-round.

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