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Easy Rustic Winter Crafts

Easy Rustic Winter Crafts
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A cabin is a perfect refuge from our busy, everyday lives, and it doesn't have to cost a fortune to decorate your cabin in a way that uniquely expresses your personality and your love of the outdoors. Try these easy rustic crafts to brighten up your cabin this winter.

  1. Spell it out. Head to your local craft or home improvement store and select letters that spell out a word that's meaningful to you. Some suggestions: Family, Love, Cozy, Snuggle, Eat, or even your family's last name. Once you've picked out your letters, choose a paint color that's a perfect accent for your cabin. A warm red can brighten up your cabin's kitchen, and a deep forest green can bring an outdoorsy color inside. Paint and hang your letters for a unique statement about what matters most. If you're feeling more ambitious, you can also decoupage your letters with pictures that reflect your style.

  2. Think celestial. This easy craft is the perfect activity for parents and children or even grandchildren. Take a nature hike with the kids and pick up twigs and small branches. Once you've collected your materials, use twine or brightly colored yarn to wrap and hold branches in place to make rustic stars hang throughout your cabin. You'll treasure the reminder of your family time. If you're going for a more ornate look, let the kids decorate their stars with paint, glitter, or acorns they collect.

  3. Add some sparkle. Pine cones are so perfect for rustic décor. They're plentiful, durable, and you can hang them, scatter them on a mantle or table, and you can even fill a clear vase with pine cones of different sizes. A great way to add a little flair to your cabin is to spray paint a few of your pine cones with metallic paint. Gold and silver pine cones make wonderful accent pieces for winter décor.

  4. Brighten it up. The one drawback of cabins is they can feel a little dark, but if you add some strategically placed lights, you can turn a dark space into a wonderfully cozy one. Lighting your cabin doesn't have to be an expensive or difficult project. Pick up large mason jars—or even old bottles from a garage sale—and get a string of battery operated white lights. Put the lights in your jars and bottles, and you have perfectly portable, always ready ambiance. Scatter your bottles and jars around your cabin to create a warm, inviting space.

  5. Get hooked. Whether you're looking for a spot to put your keys or an easy and attractive way to make some space in your kitchen cupboards, metal hooks, and an old wooden pallet are your answers. For a key-holder, simply screw cup hooks into a section of the pallet and mount on the wall next to the front door. For a mug holder, use sturdier hooks. You can paint the pallet wood first, or you can leave it natural for a more rustic look. If you want a little extra splash of color, paint each of the hooks a different bright color.

Decorating your cabin for winter doesn't have to break the bank or involve hours of work. A few easy rustic winter crafts let you make your cabin your own unique space.

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