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Native Foliage Livens Your Rustic Look

Pull your room together by adding native foliage to your rustic décor. While your living space is filled with wood, iron, and jute, you can elevate that look by adding foliage art. From printed images to terrariums, foliage art brings the great outdoors inside year-round.

Potted and Dried Plants

Keeping potted and dried plants in your home is one way to get the most out of your foliage art. Many eye-catching species emit refreshing fragrances. Freshly-cut eucalyptus can add a pleasing scent to any room for nearly a month. Its blue-gray foliage goes well with many bathroom color schemes. For an elegant look, arrange the long-stemmed eucalyptus, fresh or dried, in a vase to add as a corner piece of a bedroom or guestroom. Two other aromatic choices are mint and basil, which smells like licorice. Both are easy to grow and harvest indoors. The glossy foliage of basil adds texture when displayed in a decorative pot or while drying in a bundle hung on a wall. Just as you may add your homegrown basil to your spaghetti sauce, your homegrown mint can be added to your tea! Mint's luscious green foliage can be a great focal point of a window display as it does well in full sun and part shade. The lush green leaves and colorful veins of the scented geranium are as rich as its aroma. You can find it in various scents including chocolate, rose, and lavender. Cut juniper displayed in a vase has been a popular choice for many because of its fabulous scent, blue-green foliage, and berry-like cones. It also keeps for up to a month.


Some harvested plants have the perfect foliage for creating amazing garlands. Ivy can be found in white, gold, green, or yellow. Wind it up a floor lamp, along a banister or around a doorframe. If you have a bar in your home, there is no better vine to choose for decorating it than hops. Hops are green or gold, and the plant produces cone-shaped flowers. Both ivy and hops can add an eye-popping touch to your rustic look, but if you're looking for something that will be long-lasting, an artificial choice is for you.


If you have a space to dress up with a wreath, a multitude of options exist for you. So many plant species have foliage ideal for wreaths. Plus, these options are eye-catching when they are living, cut, or artificial. The long stems and beautiful seedpods are fragile when dried, but the character they bring to an autumn wreath is well worth the care. Check with your friends and neighbors to see if you may harvest foliage from their mature beech trees or boxwood evergreens. Boxwood is ideal for wreaths and garlands since it is sturdy. Likewise, the leathery look of beech trees' leaves at the end of summer add a dramatic effect that signals autumn's approach.

Living Plants and Prints

Bring greenery into large open spaces with a living plant or prints of them. Ferns are amazing space-fillers. Oversized varieties have enormous fronds with stunning symmetry. Smaller species can be used as verdant contrasts to walls of so many colors. If you decide to keep a live fern, it won't need to be in full sunlight, but it will need an environment with a high humidity level if it is to thrive. Place ferns near a humidifier if you can; resist overwatering or misting them. As for prints, you can find all kinds of pictures to frame and hang on your walls. Let your eye be attracted by the foliage's color, texture, or shape. Consider creating an accent wall with foliage printed on wallpaper or place in your room an area rug with a foliage motif. You can also find comforters, curtains, and cloth napkins embellished with foliage to incorporate into your rustic décor. Achieving a rustic look has never been so easy!

In Conclusion

Spending time to make your rustic decor harmonious with natural surroundings can make your cabin or getaway especially relaxing. One great way to take your rustic decor to the next level is by intregrating native foliage indoors.

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