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Mountain Modern Decor

Look for high-design shapes and angles created using warm, natural elements. Our furniture features rugged, natural woods and metals polished into clean, sleek lines. And for lighting, we offer chic, Mission-inspired designs in sconces, chandeliers and vanities, as well as pendants that double as contemporary works of art. You'll also find table lamps that combine natural elements with a modern touch, like a unique shape or a silvery finish. Two other distinctive components of modern rustic style are textured fabrics and pale, natural colors contrasted with deep darks. Here you'll find lots of items that will help you create that look, like burlap bedding as well as plush sheepskin rugs for texture. We've also collected beautiful wall art that combines icy grays and blues in abstract takes on natural scenes. To finish it all off, look for accents that combine natural looks, like antlers and branches, with contemporary style. Have fun creating the modern mountain home of your dreams! We're here to help every step of the way.