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New Items

We are always adding new items to our website. This category is updated frequently and contains the new additions to Black Forest Decor's collection. Shop for 1000's of rustic home furnishings and lodge lighting products at Black Forest Decor!

Lodge Retreat Plaid Bedding Collection
Standing Bear Table Lamp
Mountain Matriarch Sculpture
Pine Lodge Bear Bedding Collection
Native Bear Toffee Rug Collection
Aspen Log Natural Slate TV Console
String of Mallards Metal Wall Hanging
Black Bear and Pinecone Picture Frame
Jute Trivets
Forest Bear Pottery Dinnerware - 4 pcs
Mountain View Pendant Light
Mountain View Wall Lamp
Black Bear Canoe Coaster Set - 5 pcs
Bear Eyeglasses Holder
Bear Smart Phone Charger
Saranac Lodge Bear "V" Valance
Bear Tracks Valance
Moose Tracks Valance
Bear Retreat Bath Accessories
Curious Cub Black Bear Rug Collection
Bear Tracks Wildlife Bedding Collection
Moose Eyeglasses Holder
Calm Before the Challenge Moose Framed Print
Moose Cast Iron Bottle Opener
Rustic Bear Glass Canisters
Beverage Tub with Bear Stand
Cast Iron Moose Bell
Bronze Style Pinecone Switch Covers
Singing Lessons Wolf Framed Print
Birch Tree Swing Arm Wall Lamp
Bear & Moose Stoneware Dinnerware
Bear & Moose Stoneware Mixing Bowl Set - 3 pcs
Bear & Moose Stoneware Canister Set - 3 pcs
Bear & Moose Stoneware Utensil Holder
Alpine Black Bear Rug Collection
Bear Forest Metal Wall Lamp
Bear Tree Face Bird Feeder
Black Bear Climbing Magazine Rack
Black Bear Hanging Basket
Fly Fishing Switch Covers
Rainbow Trout Statue - CLEARANCE
Backcountry Trout Wall Art
Bear Wine Holder Shelf
Bearly Awake Loungewear
Snoozing Black Bear
Antler Curtain Rod Ends - Pair
Sunrise Elk Wall Art
Antler Hurricane Candle Holders
Bear Scene Metal Towel Bar
Red Rising Canvas Wall Art
Black Bear Lighted Canvas Wall Art
Cabin Chalet Rug Collection
Red Pinecone Hooked Runner
Burnished Pilgrim Pinecone Rug Collection
Black Bear Three Bottle Wine Holder
Black Bear Basket
Black Bear Doorstop
Pinecone Bath Accessories
Pinecone Pails - Set of 3
Midnight Pine Towel Collection
Pinecone and Needles Glassware Collection
Open Meadow Canvas Wall Art
Bear & Fox Burlap Canvas Wall Art - Set of 2
Bear Metal Magazine Rack
Bear Paw Tray
Bears Fire Pot
Rocky Outcrop Bear Rug Collection
Bear Canoe Rug
Lodge Retreat Area Rug
Pine Tree Fusion Stone Switch Covers
Twig Hill Pendant Light
Wise One Stone Sculpture
Bear Valance with Antler Buttons
All Bull Moose Wall Clock
Family Gathering Bear Canvas Art - CLEARANCE
Tree Bark LED Candles
Bear and Cub Towel Collection
Bear Bath Magazine and Toilet Paper Rack
Bear Silhouette Framed Print
Moose Silhouette Framed Print
Bear Tracks Mug
Elk Tracks Mug
Moose Tracks Mug
Whitetail Tracks Mug
Pinecone & Twig Switch Covers
Tree Bark Switch Covers
Twig Switch Covers
Hibernating Bear Wall Clock
Wood Style Carved Bear
Moose Camp Tin Sign
Black Bear Bird Feeder
Bear Snack Plate
Mom & Teacher Stone Sculpture - CLEARANCE
Sweet Curiosity Bear and Cabin Canvas Art
Moose Canvas Wall Art
Lake Cabin Wall Clock
Ski Rack Hooked Accent Rug
Ski Rack Hooked Runner
Evening Tranquil Canvas Wall Art
Cedar Lodge Rug Collection
Sierra Grande Rug Collection
Cheyenne Kilim Rugs
Noble Stag Table Lamp
Elk Stag Story Pillows
Bronze Style Moose Switch Covers
Nature Theme Letter Personalized Framed Art
Big Moose Portrait Wall Art
Taking Care of Business Bath Accessories
Bear Cub Cast Iron Bottle Opener
Cabin Bear Rug
High Adventure Bear Cubs Framed Print - CLEARANCE
Man Cave Bear Tin Sign
Antler Kitchen Utensils - 3 pcs
Bearfoots Sweetie Candy Dish
Bear on Tree Wall Shelf
Bear Parade Rug Collection
Boulder Creek Cabin Bedding Collection
Village Pines Rug Collection
Crestwood Pinecone Bedding Collection
Ponderosa Glow Table Lamp
Kodiak Lodge Bedding Collection
Bear on Tree Trunk Mirror
Monarch Antler Table Lamp
Timber Woods Bear Rug Collection
Saranac Lodge Bear & Moose Sofa Cover
Bear Scene Candle Lantern
Carved Wood Bear Wall Cabinet
Wood Black Bear Waste Basket and Tissue Boxes
Honey Bear Swing Arm Wall Lamp
Walk in the Woods Dinnerware
Walk in the Woods Canister Set - 3 pcs
Walk in the Woods Valance
Antler & Horn Floral Arrangement
Antler & Branch Cross
Antler & Wood Mirror
Black Bear Inspirational Art
Moose Scene Inspirational Art
Bear Cub Inspirational Art
Bronze Forest Table Lamp
Rocky Outcrop Bear Mirror
Black Bear Wine Glasses
Trout Decorative Pillows
Yellowstone Quilt Bedding Collection
JQ Wright Fishing Waste Basket
Timber Grove Quilt Bedding Collection
Pinecone Lamp with Burlap Shade
Evergreen Burgundy Rug Collection
Bear and Moose Wrapped Canvas Wall Art
Carved Wood Bear Family Coat Rack
Antler Wall Picture Frame
Metal Bear Planter Hanger
Fox Garden Light
Playtime Bear Garden Sculpture
Misty Forest Dinnerware Set - 16 Pcs
Majestic Pines Table Lamp
Misty Forest Wine Glasses
Bear Wilderness Sofa Cover
Bear and Tree Metal Magazine Rack
Great Evergreen Wall Lamp
Twig Hill Wall Lamp
Roy Nicholson Cedar Log Wall Lamp
Bear Cast Iron Key Hooks
Bear Patchwork Green Rug Collection
Bear Cast Iron Single Hook
Ceramic Bear Bathroom Accessory Set - 4 pcs
Ceramic Bear Jug Money Bank
Bear Crossing Sign
Autumn Hideaway Toilet Seat
Rocky Outcropping Toilet Seat
Moose Pond Barnwood Framed Print - CLEARANCE
Antler Ceiling Fan
Yosemite Forest Ceiling Fan
Monterey Chandelier
Bear Mug
Moose Mug
Elk Mug
Whitetail Mug
Owl Mug
Wood Bear Recipe Box
Stag Story Tapestry Wall Hanging
Bridger Creek Rogue Elk Sculpture
Personalized Nature "Love" Framed Canvas
Jasper Ponderosa Chandelier
Aspen Ponderosa Chandelier
Ponderosa Glow Floor Lamp
Silver Antler Coat Rack
Bear Trail Barnwood Framed Print
Pine Creek Moose Barnwood Framed Print
Black Bear Flag
Black Bear Mailbox Cover
Waiter Bear Grand
Big Timber Grand Planter
Bearfoots Honey Tree Grand Sculpture
Brawnie Bruin Paper Towel Holder
Black Bear Wall Photo Holder
Benjamin Bear Side Table
Summer Bear Braided Rug
Bear Cub Braided Rug
Pinecone Wine Glasses - Set of 2
High Country Valance
Nature's Branches Rug Collection
Antler Single Wall Lamp
Antler Pendant Light
Monarch Antler Floor Lamp
Moose Cast Iron Single Hook
Moose & Pinecone Switch Covers
Cabin for Rent Moose Sign
Bear Forest Chocolate Valance
Bear Forest Adobe Valance
Grand Lodge Rug Collection
Pinecone Metal Curtain Tie Backs - Set of 2
Pinecone Metal Curtain Rod
Metal Pinecone Mirror
Hanging Bear Cub Toilet Paper Holder
Do Not Disturb Bear Tin Sign
Woodland Pinecone Paper Towel Holder
Metal Pinecone Wall Clock
Autumn Leaves Table Lamp
Flying Goose Wall Hanging
Marsh Glow Duck Table Lamp
Hooting Owl with Bluetooth Speaker
Bear Cast Iron Napkin Holder
Black Bear Floor Mat
Black Bear Picture Frame
Monarch Antler Twin Lamp
Antler Votive Holder - CLEARANCE
Antler Wine Bottle and Glass Holder
Twig Cross Lamp - CLEARANCE
Bear Wilderness Torchiere Lamp
Black Bear Canoe Salt & Pepper Shakers - CLEARANCE
Bear Tempered Glass Cutting Board
Buffalo Steel Switch Covers
Elk Steel Switch Covers
Roy Nicholson Wall Sconce
Rainbow Trout Woodcarving - CLEARANCE
Canoes for Rent Barnwood Framed Print
Bears Pushing Canoe
Bear Sleeping Birdhouse
Bear on Tree Hook
Bear and Twig Triple Switch Plate Cover
Vertical Welcome Sign
Bear with Fish Salt & Pepper Set - CLEARANCE
Bear Popcorn Bowl Set - 5 pcs
Bear with Binoculars Solar Light - CLEARANCE
Bear Paw Back Scratcher
Black Bear Toilet Brush
Midnight Bear Basic Bed Sets
Ponderosa Rug Collection
New Pine Pendant Light
Pine Meadow Chandelier
Bear Bathroom Door Shelf
Highlands Cabin Bedding Collection
Old Bear Personalized Wood Sign
Rustic Tree Bark Fans
Montana Bear Bedding Collection
Bears Playing on Branch Table Lamp
Birch Bark Candles
Bear Family Wood Coat Rack
Concord Black Bear Apron
Bear Fruit Bowl/Banana Stand
Wood Bear Claw Salad/Pasta Tossers
Concord Black Bear Potholder
Carved Wood Bear Barstools
Bear Dinnerware/Kitchen Rack - CLEARANCE
Bear Woodlands Dinnerware
Walking Bear Wood Wall Art
Twig Style Bath Accessories
Twig Style Switch Covers
Moose Lodge Barnwood Framed Print
Bear Lodge Barnwood Framed Print
Timberland Bedding Collection
Antler Floral Centerpiece
Fairfield Bedding Collection
Twig Centerpiece Candelabra - OVERSTOCK
Faux Antler Bookends - Set of 2
Moose Woodlands Dinnerware
Urban Lodge Moose Toffee Rug
Urban Lodge Moose Terracotta Rug
Bear Metal Art 3-D Lamp
Personalized Moose Print
Personalized Wolves Print
Carved Wood Bear Family Wall Shelf
Chinchilla Faux Fur Valance - CLEARANCE
Brown Bear Faux Fur Valance - CLEARANCE
Olive Plaid Bear Valance - CLEARANCE
Bear Metal Cabinet Knob - Right Facing
Bear Metal Cabinet Knob - Left Facing
Bears Metal Cabinet Pull
Bull Moose Metal Cabinet Pull
Bear Creek Gang Wood Toilet Seat
Misty Morning Bear Wood Toilet Seat
Bear Cub Magazine Basket
Bear Cheeks Flapjack Pajamas
Cascade Mountains Dinnerware - 4 pcs
Southwest Tartan Rust Rug Collection
Southwest Tartan Forest Rug Collection
Majestic Moose Sculpture
Moose Patch Dishtowel
Moose Patch Potholder
Concord Black Bear Dishtowel
Hideaway Moose Personalized Wood Sign
Personalized Bear Cubs Canvas Print
Personalized Lake Cabin Canvas Print
Black Bear Family Birch Bark Framed Canvas
Rather Be Fishing Bath Collection
Fish Cribbage Board
Metal Bear and Fish Wind Chime
Bear on Tree Salt & Pepper Shaker Set
Climbing Bear Cub Thermometer - CLEARANCE
Bear Man Cave Sculpture - CLEARANCE
Bears on Log Sculpture
Bears Faux Wood Trinket Box
Mountain Scene Vanity Lights
Moose Patch Lined Valance
Moose Wood Toilet Seat
Metal Cabin Night Light
Faux Antler Wall Hooks
Bear Cub in Birch Wood Wall Hanging - CLEARANCE
Wood Black Bear Mirror
Skinny Moose Barnwood Framed Print
Tall Bear Canvas Wall Art - 10 x 42
Mountain Scene Pottery Accessories
Black Kilim Rug
Black Bear Wood Coat Rack
Metal Pinecone Candelabra
Rustic Juniper Wood Switch Covers
Rustic Edge Blued Pine Switch Covers
Wood Black Bear Sign
Rainbow Trout Wall Shelf
Iron Black Bear Bell
Rustic Tree Lamp with Metal Shade
Bear and Birch Coaster Set - 5 pcs
Wildlife Wine Bottle Holders
Bearfoots Mug Tree - CLEARANCE
Tall Bear Canvas Wall Art - 5 x 21
Black Bear Lodge Towel Collection
Rather Be Fishing Towel Collection
Metal Pinecone Cabinet Knob
Metal Pinecone Cabinet Pull
Branch Metal Cabinet Knob
Metal Tree Branch Door Handle
Black Bear Votive Holder
Carved Wood Bear Clock
Big Bear Brewery Bottle Opener
Black Bear Hammock Wall Hanging
Bear Track Cabinet Knob
Bear Track Cabinet Pull
Branch Metal Cabinet Pull
Branch Metal 8 Inch Cabinet Pull
Jasper Range Table Lamp - OVERSTOCK
Deer Burr with Black Bear Knob
Metal Art Bear Toilet Paper Stand
Juniper Moose Embroidered Dishtowel
Wildlife Scenic Silhouette Wallpaper Border - OVERSTOCK
Framed Lodge Signs Wallpaper Border - CLEARANCE
Rio Grande Hexagon Pillow
Saranac Lodge Bear & Moose Bedding Collection
Black Bear "V" Valance
Blue Mountain Lake Bedding Collection
Majestic Moose "V" Valance
Pine Creek Bedding Collection
Ceramic Deer Heads
Pine Lodge Sofa Collection
Black Bear Red Pottery Dinnerware - 4 pcs
Bear Triple Bath Vanity Light
Forest Carvings Barnwood Bunkbed
Pine Barrens Rug Collection
Antler and Cedar Floral Arrangement
Antler Waste Basket and Tissue Box
Antler Shower Curtain Hooks - Set of 12
Faux Antler Magazine Rack
Montana Table Lamp
Bronze Finish Antler Hurricane Candle Holder - OVERSTOCK
Branch Lantern with Bluetooth Speaker
Garden Bear
Rustic Wood Tic-Tac-Toe Set
Canoe Game Accessories
Lantern Chalkboard - CLEARANCE
What Happens at the Cabin Sign - CLEARANCE
Red Pinecone Hooked Rug and Chair Pad
Moose Wall Collage
Sleepy Forest Quilt Bedding Collection
Bear Adventure Rug Collection
Bear Scene Folding Table
Oversized Towels
Bear & Raccoon Carved Wood Mirror
Black Bear Napkin Holder
Black Bear Paper Towel Holder with Shelf
Bear and Moose Napkin Rings - Sets of 12
Bear Stepping Stones - Set of 2
Bear Jar Glassware - Set of 4
Bear Patchwork Rug Collection
Big Sky Bear Family Multicolor Rug Collection
Come As You Are - Personalized Bear Sign
Hanging Black Bears Bookends - Set of 2
Birch Bear Welcome Sign
Bear Canoe Votive Holder
Black Bear Wall Clock
Concord Black Bear Placemats - Set of 4
Faux Antler Crown Flatware
Bronze Finish Antler Paper Towel Holder
Black Bear Paper Towel Holder
Bear and Cubs Doormat
Lazy Bear Carved Wood Mirror
Bear Scene Nightstand
Trout Dinnerware Set - 16 pcs
Southwestern Taos Woven Bedding Collection
Western Horizon Bedding Collection
Turquoise Mesa Bedding Collection
Western Hills Bedding Collection
Cowboy Quilt Bedding Collection
Tribal Echoes Saddle Rug Collection
Scout Fiesta Rug Collection
Cigar Store Indians Hooked Wool Rug
Tribal Echoes Rug Collection
Prairie Night Rug Collection
Santa Fe Trail Rug Collection
Grand Canyon Sierra Rug Collection
Tribesman Kilim Rug Collection
Skystone Rug Collection
Thunderstorm Rug - 3 x 4
Thunderstorm Rug - 4 x 5
Coweta Rug - 3 x 4
Coweta Rug - 2 x 8
Coweta Rug - 4 x 5
Oro Valley Rug Collection
Barbed Wire Candle Holders with Candles - Set of 3
Tequila Barrel Scroll Wall Candle Holder
Canyon Creek Turquoise Dinnerware
Desert Sunrise Dinnerware Collection
Cheyenne Ranch Dinnerware
Great Warrior Horse Wall Sculpture
Metal Sun Wall Art
Recycled Metal Guitar Wall Art
Southwest Metal Art Butterfly
Barbed Wire Star Set - 3 pcs
Spirit Woman Wall Art
Chief Joseph Turquoise and Copper Bath Towels
Chief Joseph Brown Bath Towels
Spa Towels
Ox Yoke Console Table
Ox Yoke Side Table
Old Wood Turquoise Console Table
Pueblo Wine Cabinet
Agave Turquoise Centerpiece Bowl
Lone Star Scroll Magazine Rack
Booty Sleep Horse Loungewear
Shadow Rider Horse Canvas Wall Art
Electric Cowboy LED Canvas Wall Art
Wild West Cowboy Canvas Wall Art
Loving Moment Horses Canvas Wall Hanging
Chief Sitting Bull Hooked Wool Pillow
Teepee Hooked Wool Pillow
Silver Diamond Bath Hardware
Star Toilet Paper Holder & Magazine Rack
Cowboy Boot Toilet Paper Holder
Horse Scene Metal Towel Bar
Iron Barstool Tooled Leather Seat
Old Wood Turquoise Barstool
Prancing Horses Vase
Talavera Western Boot Vase
Small Talavera Longhorn - Turquoise - CLEARANCE
Star & Pistol Cowboy Hat Rack
Barbed Wire Four Hook Holder - CLEARANCE
Wyoming Concho Star Valance
Cowhide Fringe Valance
Western Sky Turquoise Corner Stone Valance
Retro Ranch Cowboy Valance
Lone Star Beverage Tub with Stand
Metal Horseshoe-Style Wine Holder
Branded Napkin Rings - Set of 4
Rustic Ranch Flatware Caddy - CLEARANCE
Star Turquoise Copper Sink
Scalloped Turquoise Copper Sink
Cross Copper Sink
Turquoise Cross Copper Sink
Rodeo Wall Clock
Cinnamon Horses Hickory Bench
Turquoise Old Ranch Mirror with Hooks
Retro Ranch Cowboy Table Linens
He Ain't Heavy Cow Dog Framed Print
Iron Cross Trio
Southwestern Fusion Stone Switch Covers
Turquoise Hand Forged Iron Chandelier
Turquoise Pottery Table Lamp with Rawhide Shade
Western Lanterns
Cowboy Boots Western Lantern
Running Horse Western Lantern
Iron Agave Table Lamp with Rawhide Shade

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