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Fireplace Screens

Rust Finish Bear Fireplace Screen
Cabin Scene Fireplace Screen
Moose Fireplace Screen
Black Bear Fireplace Screen
Antler Fireplace Tool Set (4 pcs) - BACKORDERED Until 5/14/2021
Pinecone Fireplace Screen
Bear Fireplace Tool Set - 4 pcs
Metal Art Bear Fireplace Screen
Antler Fireplace Tools w/Broom (Authentic Antlers)
Antler Fireplace Tools w/Brush (Authentic Antlers)
Pine Cone Wood Rack
Rustic Moose & Bear Wood Rack
Acorn & Leaf Newspaper / Magazine Rack
Whisper Creek Fire Tool Set - 4 Piece
Lone Star Fireplace Screen
Lone Star Fireplace Tool Set (5 pcs)
Running Horses Fireplace Screen
Horse Fireplace Tool Set (5 pcs)
South Fork Fireplace Tool Set
Lone Star Firewood/Log Holder - OUT OF STOCK UNTIL 6/18/2021
Small Pinecone Scene Fireplace Screen
Large Pine Tree Scene Fireplace Screen
Small Pine Tree Scene Fireplace Screen
Large Bears Roasting Marshmallows Fireplace Screen
Small Bears Roasting Marshmallows Fireplace Screen
Large Cabin Scene Fireplace Screen
Small Cabin Scene Fireplace Screen
Large Bear Scene Fireplace Screen
Small Bear Scene Fireplace Screen
Large Moose Scene Fireplace Screen
Small Moose Scene Fireplace Screen
Large Elk Scene Fireplace Screen
Small Elk Scene Fireplace Screen
Large Deer Scene Fireplace Screen
Small Deer Scene Fireplace Screen
Lone Star & Scroll Fireplace Screen
Ponderosa Fireplace Screen
Ponderosa Tool Set with Stand - 3 pc
Cozy Cabin Firewood Holder
Pine Sprig Firewood Holder
Canyon Trail Firewood Holder
Bear Creek Firewood Holder
Pine Dreams Firewood Holder
Moose Creek Firewood Holder
Deer Creek Firewood Holder
Elk Creek Firewood Holder
Pinecone Bears Log Carrier
Pine Woods Log Carrier
Gold Branches Fireplace Screen
Cottonwood Fire Set

Enjoy the warmth of your fireplace while flames dance behind these outdoor scenes. Made in the U.S.A. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for shipping. Express shipping not available. Shop for rustic fireplace screens at Black Forest Decor, inluding our moose and bear fireplace screens, fireplace tool sets, mantle pieces and much more!
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