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Rustic Chandeliers

Ponderosa Chandelier (6-Light)
Ponderosa Two Tier 9 Light Chandelier
Ponderosa Small Chandelier
Ponderosa Pendant Light
Black Bear Forest Pendant Light
Frontier Lantern Pendant Light
Double Wagon Wheel Chandelier
Copper Bear Pendant Light
Aspen Ponderosa Chandelier
Monterey Chandelier
Black Forest Bear Chandelier
Black Forest Stag Chandelier
Grand Old River Canoe Chandelier
Aspen Ponderosa Chandelier - 5 Light
Aspen Ponderosa Pendant Light
Monterey Single Branch Chandelier - 3 Light
Monterey Chandelier - 5 Light
Monterey Inverted Chandelier
Monterey Chandelier - 3 Light
Montana Inverted Chandelier
Montana Chandelier - 3 Light
Montana Pendant Light
Montana Downlight Chandelier
Montana Uplight Chandelier - 6 Light
Montana Chandelier - 5 Light
Montana Island Pendant Light
Canyon Chandelier - 12 Light
Canyon Inverted Chandelier
Canyon 3 Light Pendant
Canyon Downlight Chandelier
Canyon Uplight Chandelier - 6 Light
Canyon Chandelier - 5 Light
Canyon Island Pendant Light
Big Sky Inverted Chandelier
Big Sky 3 Light Pendant
Big Sky Downlight Chandelier
Big Sky Uplight Chandelier
Big Sky Chandelier - 5 Light
Big Sky Two Tier Chandelier
Big Sky Island Pendant Light
Timberland Chandelier - 12 Light
Timberland Inverted Chandelier
Timberland 3 Light Pendant
Timberland Downlight Chandelier
Timberland Uplight Chandelier
Timberland Chandelier - 5 Light
Timberland Island Pendant Light
Monterey Chandelier with Glass Shades - 3 Light
Monterey Branches Inverted Chandelier
Rustic Antler Chandelier - 9 Light
Rustic Antler Chandelier - 3 Light
Antler Pendant Light
Rustic Antler Chandelier (6 Light)
Rustic Antler 2 Light Pendant
Rustic Antler Inverted Pendant
Pinecone Cabin Outdoor Pendant Light
Big Sky Outdoor Pendant Light
Timberland Outdoor Pendant Light
Montana Outdoor Pendant Light
Canyon Outdoor Pendant Light
Three Royal Stags Chandelier
Silhouette Bear Chandelier
Burgundy Pinecones Inverted Chandelier
Bear Family Chandelier
Crestline Pine Tree Chandelier - 24 Inch
42 Inch Acorn & Oak Leaf Inverted Pendant
Pine Nook Pendant Light
Bear Forest Dining Light Fixture
24 Inch Moose/Trees Inverted Chandelier
72 Inch 2-Tier Pine Cone Fixture/Trees & Animals
Oval 12 -Lt Trees Chandelier
Trees Inverted Chandelier
Canoe Chandelier - 8 Light
Pine Tree Lake Chandelier with Silver Mica
Buffalo & Teepee Chandelier with Amber Mica Shade
Catch of The Day Trout Chandelier
Acorn & Oak Leaf Hanging Chandelier
Moose and Trees Pendant
Amber Mica Pinecone Chandelier
Pine Chandelier with Green Art Glass
Scout Elk and Trees Chandelier
Pinecone & Needles Chandelier
Aspen Spring Chandelier
Grizzly Bear Chandelier
Woodland Forest Chandelier
Acorn & Leaf Stained Glass Chandelier
28 Inch Strunk Trees 5-Lt. Semi Flush Light
28 Inch Strunk Trees 5 Lt Pendant
Acorn & Oak Leaf Chandelier
Acorn Inverted Pendant Light
Elk Metal Art Chandelier
Black Bear Dusk Chandelier
Rustic Lodge Chandelier
Antler Chandeliers (Reproductions)
Antler Chandeliers (Authentic)
Wall Sconces
Ceiling Light Fixtures
Timberline 3-Light Chandelier
Timberline 5-Light Chandelier
Timberline 9-Light Chandelier
Timberline 5-Light Pendant
Frontiersman Chandelier with Moose & Grizzly
Tundra Chandelier
3 Arm Pinecone Pendant Light
3 Arm Pinecone Pendant Light
4 Arm Candlestick Pinecone Chandelier
4 Arm Inverted Pinecone Chandelier
Twigs Chandelier
Cobble Lodge Pine Branch Chandelier - 12 Light
Cobble Lodge Pine Branch Chandelier - 3 Light
Black Bear Chandelier
Pasadena San Carlos Triple Anacosti Light
Trulli Double Anacosti Light
Pinecone Glacier Pendant - 1 Light
Pinecone Glacier Pendant - 2 Light
Pinecone Glacier Pendant - 3 Light
Pinecone Pendant Lights
Cowboy Bucking Bronco Chandelier
Decatur Chandelier
Crossman Chandelier
Duomo Chandelier
La Paz Round Chandelier
Portland Chandelier
Saranac Chandelier
Old Iron One Tier Candle Chandelier
Old Iron Two Tier Candle Chandelier
Personalized Camp Chandelier
Old Faithful Small Chandelier
San Carlos Pasadena Chandelier
San Marcos Small Chandelier
Ponderosa Pine Steel Creek Chandelier
Steel Creek Chandelier with Rivets
Timber Ridge Chandelier
Ponderosa Pine Pasadena Pendant
Saranac Pendant
Deer Timber Ridge Pendant
Mountain Forest Timber Ridge Pendant
Pinecone Double Game Light
Campromise Double Anacosti Light
Saranac Double Anacosti Light
Bundle of Sticks Round Rawhide Double Anacosti Light
Bundle of Sticks Round Rawhide Single Anacosti Light
Ponderosa Pine Round Rawhide Double Anacosti Light
Ponderosa Pine Round Rawhide Single Anacosti Light
Mission Small Pendant with Pinecone Metal Art
Scroll Chandelier with Silver Conchos
Mission Ridge Chandelier - 9 Light
Mission Ridge Mini Pendant Light
Mission Ridge Inverted Pendant Light
Mission Ridge Chandelier - 6 Light
Black Forest Dancing Bears Chandelier
Black Forest Small Bear Head Chandelier
Aspen Bear Chandelier
Black Forest Moose Chandelier
Pine Bough Chandelier
Black Forest Three Small Stag Heads Chandelier
Five Royal Stags Chandelier
Stag Head Chandelier with Seven Glass and Wire Globes
Stag Head Chandelier
Black Forest Stag and Globe Chandelier
Black Forest Stag Head Two Tier Chandelier
Turquoise Stone Scroll Chandelier
Tequila Barrel Scroll Chandelier
Concho Iron Scroll Chandelier
Mission Small Pendant with Pinecone Metal Art
Southwest Glass Pendant Lights
Bear Lantern Pendant Light
Deer Lantern Pendant Light
Elk Lantern Pendant Light
Moose Lantern Pendant Light
Pine Trees Lantern Pendant Light
Pine Cone Lantern Pendant Light
Ponderosa Foyer Chandelier - 12 Light
Aspen Treescape Chandelier - 6 + 6 Light
Aspen Treescape Chandelier - 9 + 9 Light
Aspen Treescape Inverted Pendant Light
Aspen Treescape 5 Light Island Light
Aspen Iron Ring Mini Pendant
Aspen Iron Ring 5 Light Island Light
Aspen Iron Ring Inverted Pendant - 36 Inch
Aspen Iron Ring Inverted Pendant - 42 Inch
Aspen Iron Ring Inverted Pendant - 28 Inch
Aspen Iron Ring Chandelier - 12 Light
Durango Two Tier Chandelier - 9 Light
Durango Inverted Pendant
Durango Oval Chandelier - 8 Light
Turquoise Hand Forged Iron Chandelier
Vine Downlight Chandelier - 3 Light
Vine Downlight Chandelier - 5 Light
Vine Foyer Pendant
Vine Mini Pendant
Capri Chandelier - 3 Light
Capri Chandelier - 9 Light
Capri Chandelier with Downlight - 6 Light
Capri Pendant Light - 15 Inch
Capri Mini Pendant - OVERSTOCK
Meritage Chandelier - 9 Light
Meritage Island Light
Oak Park Mini Pendant
Lodge Mini Chandelier
Woodland Outdoor Pendant
Revere Outdoor Pendant Light
Rawhide Pendant Light
Large Wagon Wheel Chandelier
Large Wagon Wheel Chandelier with Rustic Lanterns
Large Wagon Wheel Chandelier with Downlights
Small Wagon Wheel Chandelier
Small Wagon Wheel Chandelier With Downlights
Reproduction Double Ox Yoke 4 Lantern Light
Reproduction Single Ox Yoke 2 Lantern Light
Trellis Chandelier - 3 Light
Trellis Chandelier - 12 Light
Southwestern Flower Glass Pendant Lights
Cowboy Rider Outdoor Pendant Lamp
3-D Pine Trees Pool Table Light
Triple Pinecone Pendant Light
Maple Leaf Pendant Light
Southwest Glass Sphere Pendant Lights
Cross & Scroll Design Iron Chandelier
Nordic Mini Pendant - Black Walnut
Nordic Pendant - Black Walnut
Nordic 4 Light Pendant - Black Walnut
Garden Gate Mini Chandelier
Caged Burnished Bronze Mini Pendant
Wire Screen Mini Pendant
Wire Screen 13-Inch Round Pendant
Wire Screen 20-Inch Round Pendant
Wire Screen 28-Inch Round Pendant
Wire Screen 36-Inch Round Pendant
Wire Screen 38-Inch Rectangle Pendant
Strappy Metal 5 Light Chandelier - Oil Rubbed Bronze
Strappy Metal 9 Light Chandelier - Oil Rubbed Bronze
Strappy Metal 12 Light Chandelier - Oil Rubbed Bronze
Strappy Metal 3 Light Kitchen Island Pendant - Oil Rubbed Bronze
Strappy Metal 3 Light Billiard Chandelier - Oil Rubbed Bronze
Strappy Metal 1 Light Mini Pendant - Oil Rubbed Bronze
Northener 3 Light Mini Chandelier
Northener 8 Light Chandelier
Edmonton Mini Pendant - Noble Bronze
Stag Head 10 Light Two Tier Chandelier
Aspen Dancing Bear Chandelier
Bavarian Crest Chandelier
Aspen Hunting Bear Chandelier
Aspen Stag Deer Chandelier
Aspen 4 Stag Chandelier
Stag and Globe Two Tier Chandelier
Black Forest 4 Moose Head Chandelier
Seven Stag Heads Chandelier - 7 Light
Small Stag Heads Two Tier Chandelier - Large
Seven Small Stag Heads Chandelier - 14 Light
Small Stag Heads Three Tier Chandelier
Seven Stag Heads Small Chandelier - 7 Light
Small Stag Heads Two Tier Chandelier - Small
Small Stag Head Chandelier - 5 Light
Small Stag Head Chandelier - 10 Light
Peak 6 Light Oval Chandelier
Peak 8 Light Chandelier
Peak 12 Light Chandelier
Weathered Patina Lantern Pendant Light
Anita 3-Light Chandelier
Anita 9-Light Chandelier
Anita 6-Light Chandelier - 32 Inch
Anita 6-Light Chandelier - 26 Inch
Anita 8-Light Chandelier
Anita Mini Pendant
Wagner 5-Light Pendant
Wagner Mini Pendant
Wagner 8-Light Oval Chandelier
Rebel 12-Light Chandelier
Rebel 8-Light Chandelier
Rebel 6-Light Chandelier
Archipelago 15-Light Chandelier
Archipelago 8-Light Chandelier
Archipelago 12-Light Chandelier
Archipelago 4-Light Pendant
Archipelago 6-Light Chandelier
Archipelago 8-Light Oval Chandelier
Summit 6-Light Chandelier
Lydia 8-Light Chandelier
Lydia 12-Light Chandelier
Lydia 5-Light Chandelier
Tan and Mocha Stripe Pendant Light
Twig Pendant
Round Faux Antler Chandelier
Pine Lodge Pendant
Sundown Deer Pendant
Moose and Tree Chandelier
Evergreen Elk Chandelier
Rust Bears and Trees Chandelier
Bear and Moose Chandelier
Arizona Chandelier

Give your home or lodge a new and refreshing look by shopping through our rustic chandeliers category. Here at Black Forest Decor, you’ll find abundant lighting options from which to choose. Browse through our antler lighting collection for some additional examples. Our rustic chandeliers come in various styles and designs.

Choose from hundreds of options for a rustic style that will match your other cabin furniture. Bring a touch of elegance into your home with selections from our rustic lightingcabin lighting collection as well.
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