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Sculptures and Figurines

Fishing Time Bear Sculpture
Hiking Bear Sculpture
Relaxed Bear Sculpture
Black Bears Swing Figurine
Black Bears Lookout Figurine
Guitar Black Bear Figurine
Black Bear Piano Figurine
Bear Band Figurine
Black Bear Teepee Sculpture
Bear Welcome Wagon Sculpture - Large
Camp Runamuck Bear Figurine
Forest Nap Figurine
Mama Bear & Cubs Sculpture
Gather Here Bears Sculpture
Honey Bears Grand Figurine
Meadow Flower Black Bear Figurine
Blessed Praying Bear Figurine
Black Bear Family Figurine - BACKORDERED until 6/18/2021
Black Bear Relax Figurine
Black Bear Sculpture
Gray Horned Owl Sculpture
Rustic Reclaimed Wood Canoes - Set of 2
Welcome Bear Solar Lantern Sculpture
Welcome to Our Den Bear Sculpture
Lean on Me Bear Sculpture
Bears Playtime Sculpture
Black Bear Stroll Sculpture
Three Bears in a Tree Sculpture - Large
Two Black Bears Climbing Sculpture - Large
Bears in a Tree Sculpture - Small
Large Black Bear Holding Tray
Standing Bear Welcome Tree Trunk
Large Welcome Bear Sculpture
Jeeves Black Bear with Tray
Hang in There Black Bear Figurine
Metal Branch Jewelry Tree
Mom's Shadow Bear Sculpture
First Catch Black Bear Sculpture
Wood Carved Pine Trees (Set of 3)
Black Bear with Cub by the Stream Sculpture
Fence Post Duck Decoys
Lazy River Grand
Moose Eyeglasses Holder
Black Bear Basket
Bear Eyeglasses Holder
Bearfoots Honey Tree Grand Sculpture
Waiter Bear Grand
Playtime Bear Garden Sculpture
Bears on Log Sculpture
Royal Battle Sculpture
Animal Table Fans
Righty Climbing Black Bear
Fishing Grizzly Bears Water Sculpture
Bear Crossing Sculpture
Whose Fish Bear Sculpture
Kissin' Bear Figurine
Bear Canoe Trip Sculpture
Black Forest Bear Umbrella Holder
Black Bear Shelf Sitter
Bliss Gallery Sculpture
American Icon Gallery Sculpture
Herd Bull Gallery Sculpture
Black Forest Bear with Tray
Fisherman Releasing Fish Sculpture - "Until We Meet Again"
Koleman Grand Bear with Lantern
Black Forest Moose Box
Reclaimed Metal Rooster
Reclaimed Metal Flying Pig
Metal Garden Deer - Pair
Turquoise and Red Metal Art Headdress
Bear Canoe Domino Set
One Chance Sculpture
Big Bear Little Trike
Pinecone Finial - Large
Landing Gear Down Sculpture
Generations Sculpture
Last Creek Crossing Gallery Sculpture
Bear Lake Statue
Medium Silver Antler Décor - Set of 2
Medium Gold Antler Décor - Set of 2
Gold Fallow Deer Antler Décor - Set of 2
Bear with Basket
Black Forest Bear and Baby
Bear with Market Baskets
Bear with Basket on Head
Black Forest Bear on Sled
Double Flying Eagles Statue
Eagle on Branch Statue
Momma Bear Statue
Flying Duck Trinket Box
Pinecone Trinket Box
Oval Deer Bowl
Pinecone Bookends - Honey Maple
Wise Owl Bookends
Bear on Book Sculpture
Bear on Rocks with Book Sculpture
Moose on Book Sculpture
Bear on Two Books Sculpture
Pinecone Bookends - Burlwood
Laying Stag Bookends
Kneeling Setter Dog Bookends
Grizzly Bear Sculpture
Bronze Duck Sculpture
Deer Head Bookends - Burlwood
Standing Moose and Book Sculpture
Grizzly Bear Burlwood Sculpture
Stag Trinket Box
Deer Head Bookends - Bronze
Nibbling Fawn Sculpture
Resting Setter Sculpture
Laying Deer Sculpture
Moose Bookends
Large Moose Bookends
Elk Bookends - Burlwood
Walking Bear Sculpture
Black Bear On Rocks Sculpture
Elk Bookends - Bronze
Bass Bookends
Pack Bear Black Forest Sculpture
Regal Setter Sculpture
Hen Pheasant Sculpture
Setter Sculpture
Who's Been In My Forest Sculpture
Laying Stag Sculpture
Hen Pheasant with Chick Sculpture
Whitetail Deer Keepsake Box
Fighting Elks Keepsake Box
Bull Moose Sculpture
Deer Family Keepsake Box
Moose Keepsake Box
Standing Bear on Cherry Base
Nibbling Elk Sculpture - Vintage Gold
Nibbling Elk Sculpture - Brushed Wood
Classic Calling Elk Sculpture
Stag Head Bookends
Burlwood Bear & Cubs Sculpture
Bear Cubs on Tree Stump Sculpture
Elk Head Bookends
English Oak Deer Sculpture - Right Facing
English Oak Deer Sculpture - Left Facing
Honey Maple Deer Sculpture - Right Facing
Burlwood Deer Sculpture - Left Facing
Fly Fisherman Sculpture
Trudging Mama Bear Sculpture - Burlwood
Trudging Mama Bear Sculpture - Brushed Wood
Leaping Stags Urn
Black Forest Three Pheasants Sculpture
Large Calling Elk Sculpture
Grand Pair Stags - Brushed Wood
Grand Pair Stags - Burlwood
Stag Wall Mount - Burlwood
Uncorked Bears Figurine
Dances with Wolves Figurine
Campfire Memories Bears Figurine
Mama Bear and Curious Cubs Statue
Foxy Statue
Antique Brass Wire Trees - Set of 3
Golden Eagle Sculpture
Soaring Red Tailed Hawk Sculpture
Kestrel Sculpture
Golden Branch Marble Statuaries - Set of 2
Horse Trio Sculpture
Wolf Trio Sculpture
Noble Moose Sculpture
Buck Duel Statue
Red Recycled Deer
Antique Preening Goose Decoy
Antique Canvasback Decoy
Antler Sprint Statue
Taking the Bait Brass Sculpture
Brass Deer Bookends - Set of 2
Pine Branch Bookends - Set of 2 - BACKORDERED Until 4/20/2021
Kneeling Deer Sculpture
Woodland Meadow Statue
White Washed Mango Wood Tree Statue
Frolicking Cubs Fountain
Begging Bear Cub Figurine
Sweetheart Bears Figurine
Bears Chopping Wood Figurine
Rafting Bear Figurine
Bear with Flowers Figurine
Forest Rascals Figurine
Doing the Dishes Bear Figurine
Quilting Bears Figurine
Bad Behavior Bear Figurine
Bear Family Sculpture
Wrought Iron Bear Bookends
Wrought Iron Moose Bookends
Wrought Iron Pinecone Bookends
Acorn Bookends
Cabin Haven Sculpture
Cabin Comforts Sculpture
Large Lifelike Loon Decoy
Small Lifelike Wood Duck Decoy
Large Lifelike Widgeon Decoy
Small Lifelike Mallard Decoy
Small Lifelike Widgeon Decoy
Large Preening Green-Winged Teal Decoy
Small Lifelike Pintail Decoy
Wood Ducks in Birdhouse Sculpture
Small Lifelike Black Duck Decoy
Small Lifelike Redhead Decoy
Pintail Lake Decoy
Mallard Lake Decoy
Redhead Lake Decoy
Wood Duck Lake Decoy
Watchful Canvasback Decoy
Small Canvasback Decoy
Large Lifelike Gadwall Decoy
Large Lifelike Bluebill Decoy
Large Lifelike Bufflehead Decoy
White-Fronted Goose Decoy
Smiling Black Bear Sculpture
Watching Whitetail Deer Sculpture
Snowy Mule Deer Sculpture
Grand Bugling Elk Sculpture
Running Whitetail Deer Sculpture
King of the Whitetails Sculpture
Elk Call Sculpture
Lookout Mule Deer Sculpture
Fence Post Duck Decoy
Large Preening Ruddy Duck Decoy
Camphor Wood Slice Statuaries - Set of 2
Wide Mouth Bookends
Strolling Bear Bookends
Honey Bear Bookends
Watchful Deer Bookends
Conifer Cone Bookends
Post Oak Bookends
Snuggle Bears Sculpture
Hit The Slopes Bear Sculpture
Napping Doe Sculpture
Noble Buck Sculpture
Family Of Deer Sculpture
Monty Moose Sculpture
Three Salmon in Water Figurine
Large Salmon School in Stream Figurine
Three Red Salmon in Water Figurine
Four Salmon Upstream Figurine
Four Red Salmon Upstream Figurine
Bull Moose Head Figurine
Mule Buck on Snow Figurine
Whitetail Buck Figurine
Whitetail Buck Bust Figurine
Bull Moose and Cow Figurine
Roaring Black Bear Figurine
Grizzly Bear Catching Fish Figurine
Black Bear & Cub Catching Fish I Figurine
Black Bear & Cub Catching Fish II Figurine
Fishing Black Bears Figurine
Large Moose Laying Down Porcelain Finish Figurine
Wolf Couple Figurine
American Buffalo Figurine
American White Buffalo Figurine
Eagle Head Figurine
Eagle on Snow Figurine
Eagles' Nest Figurine
Aluminum Reindeer
Sitting Bear Figurine
Bear Love Figurine
Beer Buddy Bears Figurine
Bear Cookout Figurine
Literary Bear Figurine
Deer Stretch Desktop Décor
Mango Wood Sculptures - Set of 2
Canoe Sculpture
Mango Wood Slice Sculpture
Golden Fronds Statuaries - Set of 2

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