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Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Forest Bear Cabinet Knob
Forest Bear Cabinet Pull
Climbing Bears Cabinet Pulls - Set of 2
Antler Drawer Pulls - Set of 6
Cabin Drawer Knob - Set of 2 - CLEARANCE
Bear Paw Resin Cabinet Pull - Set of 2
Bear Paw Resin Knob - Set of 2
Black Bear Cabin Cabinet Knobs (Set of 2)
Curious Black Bear Cabinet Knob
Climbing Black Bear Cabinet Knob
Cast Iron Black Bear Knob
Cast Iron Black Bear Pull
Cast Iron Rust Moose Knob
Cast Iron Pinecone Knob
Cast Iron Pinecone Pull
Cast Iron Pine Tree Knob
Cast Iron Pine Tree Pull
Antler Pulls (Set of 2)
Antler Door Handles (Set of 2)
Antler Crown Cabinet Knobs (Set of 4)
Pinecone Drawer Pulls (Set of 6)
Black Bear Round Cabinet Knob
Bear Drawer Pulls (Set of 6)
Mallard Duck Cabinet Pull
Moose Round Cabinet Knob
Single Pine Tree Cabinet Knob
3-D Pinecone Cabinet Knob
Bear Paw Cabinet Knob - Left Facing Paw
Bear Paw Cabinet Knob - Right Facing Paw
Bear Tracks Cabinet Pull
Large Twig Cabinet Pull
Metal Antler Door Pulls - Set of 2
Elk Cabinet Knob - Left Facing
Elk Cabinet Knob - Right Facing
Running Whitetail Cabinet Knob
Moose Head Cabinet Knob
Walking Moose Cabinet Knob - Right Facing
Trout Cabinet Pull - Left Facing
Trout Cabinet Pull - Right Facing
Bass Fish Cabinet Knob
Trout Cabinet Knob
Mallards on the Wing Cabinet Knob
Whitetail Round Cabinet Knob
Small Acorn Cabinet Knob
Triple Aspen Leaf Cabinet Pull
Wrapped Handle Canoe Paddle Cabinet Pull
Triple Acorns Cabinet Knob
Arrowhead Cabinet Knob
Fly Fishing Reel Cabinet Knob
Southwest Turquoise & Metal Cabinet Pulls - Set of 2 - CLEARANCE
Triple Mallards Cabinet Pull
Deer Antler Cabinet Pull - Left Facing
Deer Antler Cabinet Pull - Right Facing
Walking Moose Cabinet Knob - Left Facing
Four Point Antler Cabinet Pull
Canoe Cabinet Pull
Star with Rope Cabinet Knob - Small
Star with Rope Cabinet Knob - Large
Star with Barbed Wire Cabinet Knob
Star with Barbed Wire Cabinet Pull
3-D Star Cabinet Knob
Rope and Stars Cabinet Pull
Star Berry Concho Cabinet Knob
Sheriff Star Cabinet Knob
Single Horseshoe Cabinet Knob
Double Horseshoe Cabinet Pull
Star Cup Drawer Pull
Steer Head Cabinet Pull
Walking Bear Cabinet Knob - Nose Facing Right
Walking Bear Cabinet Knob - Nose Facing Left
Small Twig Cabinet Knob
Small Branch Cabinet Pull
Large Branch Cabinet Pull
Pyramid Cabinet Knob
Pyramid Cabinet Pull
Double Feather Round Cabinet Knob
Steer Berry Concho Cabinet Pull
Rope Edge Cabinet Pull
Bear Metal Cabinet Knob - Right Facing
Bear Metal Cabinet Knob - Left Facing
Bears Metal Cabinet Pull
Bull Moose Metal Cabinet Pull
Bear Track Cabinet Knob
Bear Track Cabinet Pull
Deer Burr with Black Bear Knob
Branch Metal Cabinet Knob
Branch Metal Cabinet Pull
Branch Metal 8 Inch Cabinet Pull
Metal Pinecone Cabinet Knob
Metal Pinecone Cabinet Pull
Twig Cabinet Pull
3-D Pinecone Cabinet Knob
Lone Star Metal Cabinet Knob
Buffalo Metal Cabinet Knob
Buffalo Metal Cabinet Pull
Longhorn Metal Cabinet Knob
Longhorn Metal Cabinet Pull
Boots Metal Cabinet Knob
Boots Metal Cabinet Pull
Stallion Cabinet Knob - Right Facing
Stallion Cabinet Knob - Left Facing
Running Horses Cabinet Pull
Horseshoe Cabinet Pull
Fish Mount Cabinet Knob
Oak Leaf Cabinet Knob
Cabin Cabinet Knob
Fish Cabinet Knob - Right Facing
Fish Cabinet Knob - Left Facing
Leaping Deer Cabinet Knob
Deer Antler Burr Cabinet Knob
Realistic Moose Cabinet Knob - Right Facing
Realistic Moose Cabinet Knob - Left Facing
Wolf Track Cabinet Knob
Big Game Track Cabinet Knob
Howling Wolf Cabinet Knob
Deer Burr Cabinet Knob - Moose
Deer Burr Cabinet Knob - Elk
Deer Burr Cabinet Knob - Grizzly Bear
Deer Burr Cabinet Knob - Whitetail Deer
Deer Burr Cabinet Knob - Eagle
Deer Burr Cabinet Knob - Heart Shape
Deer Burr Cabinet Knob - Round
Deer Burr Cabinet Knob - Free-Form
Elk Burr Cabinet Knob
Deer Burr Cabinet Knob - Rainbow Trout
Grizzly Bear With Bear Claw Cabinet Knob
Acorn Cabinet Knob
Bear With Claw Cabinet Knob - Right Facing
Bear With Claw Cabinet Knob - Left Facing
Bass Cabinet Knob
Bugling Elk Cabinet Knob
Standing Deer Cabinet Knob
Grizzly Cabinet Knob
Smiling Moose Cabinet Knob
Elk Scene Cabinet Knob
Trout Drawer Pull - Right Facing
Trout Drawer Pull - Left Facing
Moose Drawer Pull
Hunting Dog Drawer Pull
Fall Leaves Drawer Pull
Moose Paddle Drawer Pull - Left Facing
Moose Paddle Drawer Pull - Right Facing
Antler Drawer Pull - Left Facing
Antler Drawer Pull - Right Facing
Trout Fishing Drawer Pull
Bear and Claw Drawer Pull
Bull Elk Drawer Pull
Standing Deer Drawer Pull
Grizzly Drawer Pull
Wolf Track Drawer Pull
Big Game Track Drawer Pull
Acorns Drawer Pull
Fish Pair Drawer Pull
Deer Antler Drawer Pull
Maple Leaf Metal Cabinet Knob
Wilderness Scene Drawer Pull
Fly-Fishing Trout Cabinet Pull
Bass Fish Cabinet Pull
Canoe Paddle Cabinet Pull
Rustic Canoe Cabinet Pull
Creel Cabinet Knob
Mallard Cabinet Knob
Mountain Lion Cabinet Knob
Owl Cabinet Knob
Bear Vertical Door Handle
Bear Horizontal Door Handle
Bear Door Knob
Moose Vertical Door Handle
Moose Horizontal Door Handle
Moose Door Knob
Pine Tree Vertical Door Handle
Pine Tree Horizontal Door Handle
Pine Tree Door Knob
Antique Brass Stretching Bear Knob
Acorn Knob
Snowshoes Knob
Baby Deer Knob
Duck Knob
Hook Fish Knob
Bear Cabinet Door Silhouette
Moose Cabinet Door Silhouette
Pine Tree Cabinet Door Silhouette
Bass Right Facing Knob
Bass Left Facing Knob
Bass Knob
Oak Leaf Knob
Single Aspen Leaf Knob
Jumping Trout Right Facing Knob
Acorns on Branch Knob

Lodge Cabinet Hardware. From bathroom cabinets to kitchen drawers, let no detail of your home or cabin go untouched by the great outdoors. Each decorative knob features one piece, cast construction. Our pulls and knobs are made from a wide variety of materials, including cast resin, solid bronze, wrought iron, and metal plated with a baked-on lacquer finish. When finish options are available, as shown by a drop-down box with the product, please specify finish option (antique brass, black nickel, antique copper and pewter) when ordering. Our collection of lodge cabinet hardware, including rustic kitchen cabinet hardware consists of many styles including moose, trout, bear paw, antler and more.
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