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Best Outdoor Flooring for Your Rustic Home

Best Outdoor Flooring for Your Rustic Home

Nov 10th 2023

Outdoor flooring can complete your rustic home if you play your cards right to decide which works best. Each type has a certain functionality to bring to your space, so you’ll want to review the popular options. This blog will dive into all the choices available and which could be the perfect material for your overall theme. Also, when shopping, you’ll have to consider factors like durability, price, and longevity, so read on for more!

What are the Benefits of Having Outdoor Flooring in Your Home?

A lot of people don’t think about putting outdoor flooring in their homes, and it’s a great addition to your overall décor. Not only does it help the overall feel of your space, but it can also enhance your house’s aesthetic. Some like outdoor flooring for:

  • Protection – If there’s a lot of severe weather in your area, outdoor flooring can protect your patio from rain, sun, and snow.
  • Durability – If you tend to have a lot of people or foot traffic in your outdoor area, durability is a key component in choosing your outdoor flooring.
  • Low Maintenance – Outdoor flooring is great for having something low maintenance outside of your home. Most homeowners think there may need to be a lot of upkeep, but there isn’t.

Pros and Cons of Different Types of Outdoor Flooring

There are tons of different options for outdoor flooring. The most important thing is to decide which one best fits your home. Consider what we mentioned before on durability, protection, and even cost. If a certain type of flooring is out of your budget, try to have other options. Here’s a look at some popular choices people go with for outdoor flooring:

White Oak

White oak is extremely beautiful flooring and is known for its durability. Making this your outdoor flooring option is great if you already have a classic and elegant look within your rustic home. Also, white oak is less prone to rotting or insect damage, so it’s really worth the price considering it’s long-lasting.

Wood Grain Laminate

Wood grain laminate is a good substitute if you don’t want to pull the trigger on real hardwood. It’s also a more affordable option that tends to be easy to install and maintain. If you have pets or kids in the house, most people go with laminate flooring options just because if it stains, it can be easily replaced.

Wide Plank Hardwood

Wide plank hardwood is a new and trending option that a lot of homeowners love because it gives the illusion of spaciousness. If you have a home where the backyard isn’t very big, this type of flooring may be a great option to make it look bigger than it is. It’s also ideal for smaller cabins. With the proper care, you can make wide plank hardwood last a very long time, maybe even decades!

How to Pick the Right Outdoor Flooring for Your Rustic Home

We’ve talked about longevity, cost, and durability, but there is much more to consider when finding the right outdoor flooring. Think about your home's climate and ensure your flooring can withstand the temperatures. Also, make sure the flooring you decide on doesn’t need a lot of maintenance or upkeep. The last thing you want is to constantly clean or fix something about your outdoor flooring when you’d rather enjoy it.


Overall, outdoor flooring is a great addition to your home décor, especially if you have a rustic home or cabin! Don’t forget to keep in mind the factors before making the right decision on the materials used. Also, if you need rustic décor or furniture to add the final touches to your outdoor space, check out Black Forest Décor! We have everything you need for inside or outside your home. Happy decorating!