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Top Ways to Make the Best Fire Starter

Top Ways to Make the Best Fire Starter

Jul 12th 2023

When camping, the most essential thing you need is a fire. Sometimes it’s hard to get one going, so you’ll need a reliable fire starter, especially in adverse weather conditions. What’s the best way to make a fire starter? Here are some helpful tips and instructions for starting one easily and quickly.

Gather the Right Materials

Materials like cotton balls, dryer lint, or small pieces of wax work best for fire starters at home. Pack any of these items when packing the car for your camping trip. Once you’re set up at your camping site, find some kindling to help get your main logs to burn. Look for small, dry twigs and sticks to be used as combustible material. Then put the logs, home materials, and the kindling all together, and you’re ready to light your fire.

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Make Sure You Have a Container to Hold the Fire Starter.

When you gather all the materials, it can sometimes get lost in the shuffle of camping equipment. You’ll need an old coffee can or metal container to hold your fire starter materials. This way, it can keep the starter dry and safe while you’re out in the woods. Also, make sure your site is somewhat close to water or dirt so that if there is an accidental fire, you can extinguish it.

Layer your Materials

Having the right fire starter materials is one thing, but placing them correctly in the fire pit is another. Ensure you have the kindling on the bottom with the cotton balls or dryer lint and have the more extensive logs in a teepee formation above them. This gives the fire a base to light the logs and burn longer.

Many think setting the logs in a ‘Lincoln Log’ formation is best. This is where you place the fire starter at the bottom and the bigger logs in alternating directions with subsequent layers. Feel free to use whatever method you feel is the easiest. Once the fire starter is lit, make sure to blow air at the bottom of the pit so that the flames can continue to grow. This, then, should make the perfect campfire!

Safety is Key

Creating fires is sometimes very dangerous in a dry outdoor area. You’ll want to remember to have water nearby and always make sure to keep an eye out on the fire until it has burned completely down. Forest fires are no joke and can result in massive destruction and loss of life. Always make sure to check local regulations before you start your fire, and never leave the fire unattended while it’s burning.

Also, when you decide where you want your fire to start, ensure there aren’t any trees above the flames. This can result in a forest fire since the heat from the fire could cause the branches of the trees to burn. So make sure to stay safe out there!

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Any outdoor lover should know how to make a fire. Fire starters are the easiest way to get big flames going. Bring the right materials in the right container to have all the resources you’ll need for a big fire at your campsite. Also, try out different methods of how to layer the materials. Sometimes mixing up the ways can help you determine which one is best. Then all you have to do is grab the marshmallows and your favorite Black Forest Décor throw, and you’re set! Happy camping!