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Tricks on How to Get Rid of Raccoons

Tricks on How to Get Rid of Raccoons

Oct 10th 2023

These pesky animals seem to get into anything you have outside your cabin. So, how do you get rid of them? This blog will discuss the tips and tricks from Black Forest Décor needed to make sure your home is safe from getting ransacked by raccoons. Read on for more!

Make Sure All Food and Trash are Securely Sealed in Containers or Stored Away

After making a meal, ensure all the food and trash are put up correctly. This way, raccoons can’t smell or be attracted to anything that could be a food source. They’re notable for their scavenger skills, so things like garbage cans or compost piles need to be locked up tight. Also, another thing people overlook is their bird feeders. This can be a big draw for raccoons in the night.

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Set up Motion-Activated Lights or Sound Deterrents to Scare Away Raccoons

If securely sealing your food isn’t doing the trick, invest in motion-activated lights. These types of lights and sounds can scare off raccoons and make them run off rather than stick around. Some sound deterrents you can get mimic the sounds of predators like owls and coyotes. These can really scare off these pesky guys. Of course, a combination of sound deterrents and motion-activated lights is probably the best method.

Check Your Property for Accessible Entry Points and Seal Them Off Tightly

Another inexpensive tip to eliminate raccoons is to seal off any accessible entry point. You can do this with cloth, mesh, or caulk. Raccoons aren’t like mice, where they can fit in even the tiniest spots. Most of the time, they can only fit in holes in the walls or around the windows or doors. Once you seal these areas off, it should help deter any further raccoon visits.

Clean Up Any Pet Droppings Promptly

Surprisingly enough, raccoons are attracted to pet droppings. So make sure to clean out your yard if you have any pet waste. Also, if they’re near a garden source, it’s best to eliminate them because droppings near gardens are a big food source for these critters.

Use Traps to Capture the Raccoons Humanely

You may need to resolve the traps when all the tricks we mentioned don’t work. Some think traps are very inhuman, but if you buy the right ones, you can release these raccoons into the wild as safely and naturally as possible. Make sure you check your local laws on any regulations about trapping animals. Some states have strict rules as to how to do it. Once you set up a live trap, put it in the area where you’ve seen the most activity. Then, when the raccoon is trapped, you can take them a few miles away to release them into the wild.

Call a Wildlife Removal Specialist if the Problem Persists

If the problem persists, calling in a wildlife removal specialist is best. They are trained and experienced in dealing with these issues and can help safely remove any raccoons on your property.

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After reading this, you hopefully have a better idea of how to keep your home safe from raccoons. With the right tricks and tips from Black Forest Décor, your cabin in the woods can always be protected! Don’t forget that there are so many ways to get rid of raccoons before using traps. Also, once you’ve finished getting all the critters out, you can focus on decorating your rustic home with Black Forest Décor products! Check out some of our best sellers today.