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Running Horses End Table

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Exclusive - Dramatic and sculptural, this running horse trio end table is crafted from aluminum in a rich bronze finish with a solid green marble base and an oval glass top. This rustic end table measures 42"W x 24"D x 21 1/2"H; 88 lbs.


  • 42"W x 24"D x 21½"H; 88 lbs.


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    The table is so beautiful I don't want to put anything on top of it.

    Posted by Keith on Dec 11th 2020

    Received in perfect shape and it looks just like the photo. I want to share a way to install the glass top. The 4 little suction cups really grip the glass better than I expected. So good in fact that it can make placing the glass difficult if you want the glass "centered" well. If you're really lucky, maybe you can just lay the glass down and it will be centered well enough, but I tried a few times and could see I was getting nowhere. The glass sticks like a magnet as soon as you barely contact the suction cups. If you don't like how the glass is centered, then you have to pull off the cups and try again...What I did was install the 4 cups, then take some of the thin foam sheet that they wrap the glass in and cut off 4 pieces large enough to easily cover each suction cup. Lay the foam pieces completely over each cup. Now the glass won't stick. Place the glass exactly where you want it. Take a piece of scotch tape and bend over one end on itself so you have something to pull on to easily remove later. Place the tape on the glass over the suction cup center in the LEAD horse's head. Now mark a large dot directly over the cup. Carefully lift the glass straight up above the lead horse's head just enough to remove the foam sheet, center the dot over the cup and lay the glass down. That's 1 cup finished. The other 3 are done all "at once" and if you don't have help, it requires some strength in your right forearm/hand to hold the glass up just enough and then remove the foam sheets with your left hand but not lifting so high as to allow the first cup you set to pop out. I had to position myself just right because I could just barely lift the glass and still reach under and pull out all 3 foam sheets with my left. Now, with the lead horse's cup set, make sure the glass position is where you want it. Then take a second piece of tape and repeat placing the tape and marking a dot over the cup in the rear horse's tail. Position yourself carefully and now lift the "rear" section of the glass just high enough to pull out the 3 sheets and still not allow the first cup to pop out. Finally, steady the glass just above the cups and look down at the tape mark and center the dot over the cup in the tail. Carefully let the glass down. The glass should be centered the way you want it. If you have no help but you have the hand strength and are careful, you can do it without trouble. I hope this helps.